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What is Tropicoal Ignition?

Tropicoal Ignition is an upcycled charcoal made from all natural, plant-based ingredients: coconut shells, palm kernel shells and starch. Instead of the fillers and chemicals present in traditional charcoal, each Tropicoal briquette burned is nothing but pure energy made from ingredients that would otherwise be wasted — creating a hotter burn that lasts 2x longer than wood-burning charcoal and produces less smoke and ashes. Say “goodbye” to that post-BBQ shower and get ready for that leaves out the heavy toxins associated with traditional, wood-burning charcoal.

How do you use Tropicoal Ignition?

Use our briquettes like you would with any traditional, wood-burning briquettes. The best part? Tropicoal uses half the amount of briquettes that you would normally need if you were using traditional, wood-burning charcoal. For example, you can use 30 briquettes instead of 60. And, you can still grill everything from pork tenderloin and asparagus to beer brats and your favorite veggie kabobs.

How long does a single grill burn for?

You’ll get 3+ hours of grill time with our 2.2lbs single grill box. 

How many Tropicoal briquettes are in a single grill vs. competition?

A regular grill takes about 30 Tropicoal briquettes and for an extra large grill, we recommend 45 briquettes. Tropicoal’s competition uses 45 for a regular, medium sized grill and 90-100+ for a large grill. That’s some food for thought.

How does it compare to traditional wood-burning charcoal?

You can use half the amount of briquettes you would use with wood-burning charcoal. Tropicoal has no chemicals or fillers. Each briquette burned is nothing but pure energy — creating a hotter burn that lasts 3x longer than wood-burning charcoal and produces less smoke and ashes — say goodbye to that post bbq shower.

Does it work for low and slow?

Yes, the briquettes hold heat very well. The temperature is hot and the release is long. For low and slow, simply use 15-20 spread out briquettes or raise the griddle further from the briquettes.

Can I use it in my Big Green Egg?

The Big Green Egg advises never to use charcoal briquettes because they could permanently contaminate the EGG with petrochemicals, tainting the flavor of the food. However, our briquettes are all natural. We don't add any chemicals or fillers, just 3 upcycled ingredients, so you are able to use them in the EGG.

Will the briquettes make my food taste like coconut? 

Tropicoal is made from clean ingredients which creates a clean burn with anything you grill. Unlike the often heavy taste of the grill, Tropicoal leaves your food tasting light and clean without the smell or taste of coconut.

How do you safely put out the briquettes?

Closing the grill's air vents to cut off the oxygen supply is the safest and easiest way to end your grilling experience. You can also dash the briquettes with water to douse them.

Can I reuse the briquettes? How so?

Yes, we encourage it! The briquettes can be reused if burn time is 30-45 minutes or below. Simply close off the oxygen, leave them in the grill away from any flammable items and relight when you’re ready for your next grill. They will be slightly more fragile but will hold heat for another round of grilling.


How is Tropicoal Ignition 100% sustainable?

Instead of cutting down trees, we're saving them. Remember, our charcoal harms no trees. This helps fight against climate change by stopping deforestation in the name of creating charcoal, and the emissions are less harmful than wood-based charcoal. Each box of Tropicoal has a way larger impact than just what’s inside: saving trees, reclaiming food waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and protecting forests (and everything that lives in them). It’s a pretty big deal.

Is it biodegradable? How do you dispose of the leftover ashes?

Yes! The briquettes have just 3 natural ingredients (no artificial ingredients or chemicals) that make them biodegradable. Tropicoal is so clean that you can use the ashes as garden fertilizer and even make DIY skin care products!

Why is traditional wood-burning charcoal bad for the environment?

Remember the harmful greenhouse gases that have led to an alarming increase of global temperatures? When you grill with traditional wood-burning charcoal, you’re emitting bursts of carbon dioxide into the air. According to the UN Food & Agriculture Organization, traditional wood-based charcoal production and use emits up to 2.5 gigatons (that’s a lot!!) of CO2e greenhouse gasses annually.

What is the packaging made from? Is it recyclable?

Every box of Tropicoal is packaged in 100% recycled corrugated cardboard sourced from old packaging boxes, egg cartons, shoe boxes, cereal boxes and more. Each year through the recycling process, our packaging provider saves over 7 billion gallons of water, protects 8 million trees from deforestation, and prevents cardboard from taking up nearly 2 million cubic yards of landfill space. You can recycle Tropicoal boxes once you’ve had your grilling fun by taking to a facility that processes #20 PAP paper recycling (a fancy way of saying corrugated fiberboard/cardboard!) Unfortunately, our plastic handle is not recyclable, but we are working towards a sustainable solution for it. Have a creative way of reusing it? Let us know!


How do I start a subscription?

Once you have customized your box, please click ‘Subscribe & save 5%’ and determine the frequency of your subscription. You can choose from 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 8 weeks to keep your boxes of Tropicoal coming!

How do I change my address?

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Can I pause or skip my subscription?

Yes! No obligation. Please log into your account to pause or skip your subscription. If you encounter any difficulties, reach out to us at and we’d be happy to help!


Where do you ship?

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How long does standard shipping take?

Standard shipping takes 4-7 business days for delivery, not including processing and transit times.

What if I need to change my address or email?

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Where is my order?

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